LEO Pharma

18 – January 22, 2016, Méribel, France

Supporting the company in the construction and boosting of the plenary session of its annual seminar. Conception of a label, production of playful contents and videos, preparation of festive and offbeat meetings.

The visual and content elements of this seminar are kept confidential.

For its annual national seminar, LEO Pharma mobilizes the Drug Rep (DR) et Regional Sales Manager (RSM) of its different City networks, Dermato and Hospital, MSL, DOM TOM, for a week’s work in Méribel.

This year, the Danish pharmaceutical laboratory unveiled the latest addition to one of their flagship dermatology ranges, around which the success is highly expected.

Its super high-tech container & its role as a “super facilitator” was eagerly awaited by patients and doctors.

The agency designed a signature based on the good news brought by this product and supported LEO PHARMA in the construction and dynamization of the plenary session, the production of playful content and videos, and embellished the seminar with festive and offbeat appointments.

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