Part of CAB family during FIAC! 2019 event at Petit Palace. Photo by Julien Weber

We are a consulting agency, a creation studio, a production platform. 


At the agency, we take care of your projects. We nurture them. We stage them in words, strategies, emotions, inventions, images or videos. We build them a « raison d’être », a foundation, a personality. We draw them. We dress them. We animate them. We stow them.
So they can  be always up to your expectations and even more.

Clémentine is ranked 9th out of the “20 most liked CEOs by the French people”, in the list published by Forbes magazine (French edition, April 2021)…what a story ! 


We develop strategic recommendations & communication plans. We produce exhibitions, celebrations, recreational experiences on line & off line. We build brand platforms, create visual identities, provide AD. We produce films, animations and digital tools. We edit objects.


We are committed to carrying influential values, putting into practice everything possible to support responsible approaches, exclude all forms of discrimination and promote diversity.


We founded in 2020 the joint project 72.73 with Lionel Bensemoun. Our goal is to make Paris more committed, more cheerful, more festive, more creative, stronger. “Doing” for young people & all those who want to have fun not far from here. The project.

Women Equity Awards

In 2015 the agency is 10th out of
50 companies run by women.

Launched in 2009, the Women Equity Awards list brings together the 50 best performances in terms of growth and profitability of companies run by women or whose management bodies are mixed. It is based on the Women Equity Growth Index, which annually analyzes the performance of 40,000 French growth SMEs.

TOP/COM d’Or & Prix du jury

In 2014 the agency receives the TOP/COM
award for the SOLVAY LAB exhibition.

The agency wins the TOP/COM Corporate Business, GRAND PRIZE dedicated to corporate and B to B communication. The Solvay Lab exhibition is rewarded with the TOP/COM d’Or in its category External Corporate Event as well as with the Grand Prix du Jury.

Les Champions de la Croissance

In 2017 the agency is 130th/500th
in the Les Echos – Statista ranking.

The agency is ranked 130th out of the 500 companies that achieved the best growth between 2012 & 2015, 11th out of 27 in the Media & Communication category and selected among the 20 companies with an inspiring track record.