Director of the agency

Clementine manages the creative and strategic office of the agency with her crew, staying as close as possible to her clients and their activations, for her greatest daily pleasure.

With a post-graduate degree in social psychology (based on two years of marketing), Clementine met brands through advertising.

First step (1999-2000), advertising: EURO RSCG betc, in strategic planning. An effective, formative and generous experience in the mechanics of creative thinking; the results are enthusiastic but the desire to get closer to life in 3D leads her to events.

Second step (2000-2010), events: to give life to ideas & make projects come true. Starting out as a freelance designer-editor for DDB live and PRODEO in 2000 (event agency of the YOUNG & RUBICAM group), then a decade of experience at AUDITOIRE (event subsidiary of the TBWA group): three years of strategic planning (writing and designing) and seven years of implementation. The stakes are business and profitability, management and assembling talents, creativity and reactivity at the same time. Then piloting the “special projects” division and its project managers, production managers and consultants.

2010… : Clémentine settles in her office to create the SARL CLÉMENTINE AU BUREAU whose objective is to design and produce large projects, exceptional moments for companies and their brands with a strong creative freedom, a methodological power with customized and specialized teams…


Project Manager

Inspired day and night, Francesca imbues her projects with her artistic karma.

Parisian or Italian? That is the question… Either way, her determination, her enthusiasm and her strategic spirit are unbeatable & daily!


Project Manager

At the heart of a multitask piloting, Maëlle takes over any project with an ease and a will of steel. Her penchant for technicality, innovation and digital technology does not detract from her talent!


Expert in Strategic Contents

Françoise’s core business is editorial work, fuelled by a passion for content, analysis of the positioning of companies and their growth strategy. Her journalistic approach has the ambition to enhance the value of people, ideas and projects. She is a specialist in change management, whether it be in organization or human resources, and loves launching or renewing brand universes.


Production Manager

Yann has been producing most of the agency’s projects since 2011. He prepares the ground with finesse and power by relying upon multidisciplinary teams in France and abroad. Great artistic projects, B to B, B to C, Yann knows how to do it all!


DA & Graphic designer

Joyful, inspired, Aude is a mine of ideas. Her activity covers publishing, visual identity, logos, signage, web, illustration, photography…Her experience, technical agility, and pleasure in developing creative universes for brands, allow her to position herself as a graphic designer as well as Art Director with great simplicity.