Solar Swiss Connect

June 2016 / June 2017, Festi’Neuch, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Solar Swiss Connect (a group of Swiss companies wishing to promote the expertise and technologies related to clean energies & solar energy in particular) and Festi’Neuch (Neuchâtel Open air Festival) are committed together, for the first time in 2016, to raise public awareness about solar energy among festival-goers.

Here comes the sun!

The agency was involved in creating a label “SMALL TOWN / BIG SUN”, developing a communication plan for the general public over time and producing interactive brand content tools to engage the general public through playful media (happening, cartoon, activities … ).

On the 2016 program: installation of a solar wall in the heart of the festival to contribute to the energy consumed by its sound system, birth of the “Solar Silent Party”, revelation of the label SMALL TOWN / BIG SUN and its animated film … and for the youngest: a photo corner SMALL TOWN / BIG SUN, a giant coloring…

And in 2017, to support the solar program, a terrace on stilts hosted a solar installation in order to understand all the latest photovoltaic innovations of the city of Neuchâtel; so much information and images to discover through spyglasses.

These actions are part of a larger project that aims to make Neuchâtel the world’s first solar city, a sustainable flagship, a model for tomorrow.


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