2013 & 2014

Tadeo, created in 2007, is a service dedicated to the communication between hearing and deaf people in professional environment, whatever the context: telephone, meetings, conference calls, videoconferences, trainings.

Acceo, its little brother, was created to allow ERPs (public reception establishments such as town halls, agencies, etc.) to make their telephone services (customer services, hotlines, …) accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.

Agence CAB agency assisted the marketing and sales teams in the design of their communication strategy for 2014 & the production of an educational film presenting their offer to companies.

Tadeo and Acceo are the only services in Europe dedicated at the same time to the deaf signers and to the oral deaf. This unique technology combines state-of-the-art technical resources and skills of experts in instantaneous translation (video interpreters and transcribers).

Today, there are nearly 8 million hearing impaired people in France.

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